“What is Beauty?”

Cosmetic dentistry, before the veneer.


“A young lady came to see us as she wanted to know if anything could be done to improve the appearance of her teeth. As I always do, I asked why? Her response was what I have come to expect of most patients, “I don’t like the shape and colour of that tooth”, as she pointed to the tooth.

“I took some photos and we sat down and looked at all the various aspects of her smile in great detail. I proposed a plan to give her what I would consider a ‘beautiful smile’. This time, however, her response was something I haven’t had in quite a while. “I don’t want a perfect smile I like all the quirks, it’s who I am. I just hate that one tooth”. I paused and gave her a huge smile. What a refreshing attitude!

“As clinicians, we are trained to work towards the perfect results. Society tends to aim for perfection. The truth is: nothing is perfect. I think both dentists and patients alike strive for perfection too much. It’s ok to want something else. If you don’t like something about your teeth don’t be afraid to tell us, and don’t be afraid to tell us when you aren’t keen on what we suggest. You are the patient and we want to make YOU happy, not everyone else.”

Cosmetic dentistry, after the veneer.


About the author:

Dr Hemal Charadva: Graduated from the University of Birmingham, studied Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Royal Derby Hospital. He specialises in cosmetic fillings, root canals and smile makeovers.


The young lady in Hemal’s story ended up having a veneer on the tooth that she was unhappy with and was very pleased with her results.

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