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Icon is a fantastic treatment which can help improve the appearance of teeth with white spots or mottled teeth without any drilling! Traditionally patients would need to consider having veneers to treat this. With this new advance in dental technology, here at Carillon, we can provide you with a great result and maintain the health of your teeth.

Its “proper” name is Resin Infiltration Treatment. One of the many great benefits of ICON is there is an almost instant improvement in the appearance of the teeth which is why patients love this treatment.


*Before & After results of Icon treatment, as you can see it’s an amazing transformation & really changes your smile. 


Whitening is a great way of improving the appearance of your teeth, unfortunately it can often makes the white spots even whiter

For the best results we usually recommend a course of whitening prior to ICON treatment to get your teeth looking fantastic!

ICON doesn’t affect brown spots unfortunately

We can usually treat brown spots with whitening or another type of treatment

ICON has been deemed appropriate for all ages, unlike whitening which can only be carried out until you are 18.

As it is so safe, it can be used for children and teenagers, especially in cases where the white spots are making them feel very self-conscious at such an important age.

Our Clinical Lead, Dr Hemal Charadva, has carried out ICON for patients as young as 12 years old.

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