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We are proud to offer treatments on the NHS. There are three categories under which all NHS treatments fall: Band 1, Band 2 and Band 3. These are set charges for each course of treatment – (exceptions apply and you will be notified during the course of your treatment)

You do not have to pay a dental charge:

  • if you are having stiches removed
  • if your dentist has to stop bleeding from your mouth
  • if your dentures need repair. However, if it is not possible to repair your dentures and you need new ones then you will have to pay for this with a Band 3 charge

Not available on the NHS

*If you require an emergency appointment, you can call us at 9:00am any day of the week on 01509 219699 and we will do our best to see you on that same day for an appointment.

Please note that the NHS will not provide cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, which you may want to make your teeth more attractive, but which are not clinically necessary. Even where treatment is clinically necessary the dentist will offer you a treatment option that is clinically appropriate. If you choose to have alternative treatment options then you will have to pay privately for these.

(Extracted from the NHS website)