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Smile Simulation, Loughborough & Leicestershire

Have you ever thought about what your teeth may look like if they were straight?

Smile simulation: Here at Carillon Dental Care, we see a lot of patients hoping to improve the appearance of their teeth, usually by straightening them. It can be an issue, however, as patients don’t always know what their teeth could look like before going ahead with the treatment.

With our new Trios Scanner, we can perform a Smile Simulation which quite literally helps you design your new smile! This can give you an idea of what your new teeth may look like before you commit to any treatment.

What is a Smile Simulation?

With this new advancement in digital dentistry, we can carry out a Smile Simulation and put you, the patient in the driving seat. We can play around with individual positions of teeth and you can tell us exactly what you want, be as picky as you want!

If we were ever unsure with what you wanted, you now have the power to show us, in 3D! The simulations get saved on our system so we can go back to them and send you a screenshot of it if you wish.

If you are looking to straighten your teeth using our clear braces system, firstly we would take a scan of your teeth & this will simulate a video for you to watch with our Treatment Coordinator and with this software, we can show you a before & after of your teeth and what they would look like using either Invisalign or Quick Straight Teeth.

Smile simulation before

Before & After of a Smile Simulation scan for a patient having Quick Straight Teeth

How a Smile Simulation Can Help You

Now you know potentially what your teeth can look like, we will carefully plan exactly how to achieve these results. This is where our expertise at Carillon Dental Care comes in as we try to make your dreams of beautiful teeth into reality!

We can then integrate the scans and simulations in conjunction with aligner and brace systems like Invisalign, Clear Correct or Quick Straight Teeth so we can exactly match what we agree in the smile simulation. If we ever come across a situation which is unrealistic we will work with you to figure out an alternative.

We have a few systems to ensure we always pick the best option to fit your needs, so once both of us are happy with the plan we can get started.

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